Are you willing and ready to innovate and try a few small changes in your business with little to no investment?

For starters: Reshape and Rethink what is the winning profit formula with a 3-prong combination of:

  • 1

    Vision Care benefits

  • 2

    Contact Lenses

  • 3


Vision Care plans can be extremely confusing for both patients and for practice owners and their staff. There are many challenges to know what the profit amount is per pair of glasses when charge-backs and reimbursements are part of the equation. So instead of encouraging patients to use their vision care plans on glasses, consider electing the path of more transparency with this formula:

Vision Care benefits applied to Contact Lenses + Cash-paying Pair of Affordable Glasses

Consider a business tool like PracticePal to quickly assess your patient’s vision care plan. From a time and efficiency perspective, it will always be more favorable to encourage a patient to use their benefits on Contact Lenses. More rebates and less chargebacks makes everyone in this scenario happier!

And let’s face it, Time is Money. Make the recommendation that their plan be used for Contact Lenses WITH paying a nominal amount for a cash payment on an affordable pair of eyewear. Rethink of this approach from upselling to ‘enhancing care’ and everyone involved in the transaction is happier.

A customer walks out with a great pair of glasses and contact lenses for a similar price to what they would have paid on just a pair of brand-centric glasses.




per month

  • Reduced kit of 15 pairs
  • No monthly access-fee
  • Basic Listing on Twelve84.com
  • Limited remakes
  • Membership Dashboard
  • Access to marketing materials


$249 $179

per month

  • A display kit of 80 frames
  • No inventory carrying costs
  • 2-year warranty on frame and lenses
  • Unlimited remakes at no charge
  • Free shipping direct to office or patient
  • No extra fees for prism, polish or edging
  • Above average profit margins


$499 $299

per month

  • Full Twelve84 membership
  • Premier Listing on Twelve84.com
  • E-commerce capability
  • New Patient Leads
  • Upgraded Profile
  • Custom Reports

I am a Vision Source member and a user of twelve84 since May 2018. It has great optics and great looks. I don’t know why everybody isn’t using this!

Dr. Coby Ramsey
Ramsey Eye Care, Rock Springs, WY


How do I display the product?

You receive a product kit of 80 pairs (the top two best-selling colors in 40 styles) to display at your discretion. When a patient orders the pair of their choice, the display pair stays on the boards while the lab keeps the stock of inventory and ships the full job.

Do the lenses come with an AR coating?

Yes, all Twelve84 lenses have an AR coating. The Inspire package uses a top-level AR coating that is multi-phobic. The Discover Single Vision uses a very good pre-coated AR stock lens, while the Discover Progressive is a digital lens that has a very good AR coating application.

What are the Progressives compared to?

The most common comparison we hear from customers is the Physio Enhanced W3+.

Can we remake a job if the first pair doesn’t work?

Yes, we provide unlimited remakes at no charge for up to 90 days.

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