Natasha Vora

CEO/Owner – Optical X, twelve84

  • Retail and business ownership
  • Product Development
  • Logistics Management
  • Foreign languages
  • People and dog lover

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve always been fascinated with business and more specifically, omni-channel consumer behavior. In a previous journey of my life, I owned a large furniture showroom that I curated with products from around the world. I had the joy as a retail business owner of learning from people and their preferences, sometimes catching them on a good day and others on a bad one.

That dynamic is similar to what eye doctors and their staff go through on a daily basis. Through a serendipitous change, the eyecare industry propelled me into a path that has been incredibly satisfying over the past decade. From starting an eyewear distribution company to an e-commerce eyewear business called Iristocracy, where we focused on VTO technology and bridging patients with eye doctors, there has always been a common theme in my entrepreneurial efforts and that is: Think Local. Be Big. Be Bold. Our team at Optical-X is so passionate about focusing on the independent eyecare community and being audacious in our belief that we can help change the trajectory for IECPs from losing market share to consolidators and big box retailers into being more powerful and relevant by the day.

It starts with all of us coming together and reshaping how we view the way we do business and at least being open to change. As I’ve learned from my years in business, with some success and a few failures, the horizon on the other side can actually be a lot brighter when we at least try. As the creator of Twelve84, a high-quality eyewear and innovative eyewear brand with bundled pricing, I have witnessed what the impact has been on those that are willing to try a different approach and that is: higher customer satisfaction, happier staff and more profit. With a retention rate of over 98%, it’s proof that with a little willingness to Reshape and Rethink, there isn’t much to lose.

Katie Demski

General Manager

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Operations
  • Optometrist Communications

Critical thinking and analysis doing whatever it takes to improve the customer experience.

Shane Faherty

Creative Director

  • Brand Strategy & Marketing
  • Video Production
  • Design & UX
  • Digital Distribution
  • Storyteller

Website solutions for E-Commerce environments specializing in UX design and customer interface.

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